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About Our Honorary President Naci Alkoç

He was born on August 29, 1945 in Tokat. 

After graduating from Technical Vocational High School, he attended the Air Non-Commissioned Officer School and graduated in 1968. 

He served as a 'Flight Mechanic' in many regions of our country. 

Following his retirement, he settled in Izmir, where he got married and his children were born. 

Swimming was the driving force behind Naci Alkoc's passion for the sea.

This passion also set the groundwork for the education of his son Gürhan Burak Alkoç at the Maritime Faculty of Istanbul Technical University, the name of which they had not yet heard of at the time.

Naci Alkoç has been the major supporter and mentor of his son Gürhan Burak Alkoç from the time he was admitted to the Department of Ship Machinery Operations at ITU Maritime Faculty in 1994, until his first interview and enrollment, and then to his time as a Shipbuilding Manager in the Far East.

Our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Engineer Gürhan Burak Alkoç has guided his business life by adopting the principles and values of our Honorary Chairman Mr Naci Alkoç in the group companies he established and brought to this day.